Programmatic Media Buying

Targeting, scalability, quality, accuracy, speed—successful digital campaigns are effortless when you run them with us.

Strategy Testing

Pinpoint your target, test your messaging and fuel your decision-making strategies.

Audience Discovery

iTC is uniquely poised to offer pre-campaign polling, running a survey through our proprietary panel to accurately identify your demographics prior to campaign launch. We then use look-a-like data from vetted DSPs on your behalf. (You can also layer our results onto your identified target audience as a validation or expansion of your internal data set.)

A/B Testing

A staple of the market research world, our A/B tests are second nature and always on-point, whether you need to identify the most effective creative assets or uncover the audience most likely to convert. With results turned around in 24-48 hours, you’ll quickly be able to reduce your ad spend and optimize your campaign timing.

Brand Lift Studies

Increase brand awareness, perception, recall, favorability and conversion. iTC’s quantitative metrics deliver critical insights of your brand’s performance, both before and after campaign launch. By using key benchmarks, we help decision-makers shift focus to the areas with the greatest levels of impact.


Capturing accurate data is only part one; it’s what the data tells you that drives successful campaigns. iTC’s robust analytics programs allow you to examine the entire conversion journey, deliver effective messaging based on historical performance and create and compare conversion funnels.

Custom Reporting

Real-time and tailored to suit your needs

Campaign Optimization

Automatic with manual adjustments to capture the best results

Pixel Tracking

Seamless and secure to give you the full picture


Political clients looking to expand their donor bases trust iTraffic Center to eliminate traffic fraud and increase conversion, fast. Using our unique sourcing and award-winning data cleaning service, we find and convert people who are passionate about their platforms—even improving top donor performance.